How To Inspect a Roof for Real Estate Transactions

If you want to be a good roofer as we previously wrote about in our other blog post (with hopefully more to come!), there are certain things you must do well. This includes inspecting roofs for real estate, and those that need to sell their homes fast. One quick note is that we work exclusively with a company called “we buy houses Murfreesboro” to take care of all our actual inspections and we do the work on them. That’s basically available for anyone in the southern US. This article should provide you with information about how a roofer can inspect your roof and pass it to code for your roofing inspection.

Why It’s Important To Have A Roof Inspection For Real Estate

roof inspection for real estate

There is a right time to have your roof inspected for problems, right after the roof has been installed. Contractors may recommend that you do this immediately, even if it is not indicated on the purchase contract. The reason is simple. Problems that arise when the roof is first installed can be hidden and the homeowner never even notices them. A roof inspection will reveal these problems and allow the contractor to make the necessary repairs before the roof goes up.

Why is this important? It can save you thousands of dollars in commercial roof repair costs. Commercial roofing contractors use the same techniques as residential contractors when inspecting a roof for problems. Unfortunately, their techniques are no better than those used by residential roofers!

When the roof goes up, they install the new roof and continue with the routine roof inspections. Meanwhile, the roofers behind them have been performing maintenance works like replacement shingles and cleaning out debris. Did you ever guess that some roofing shingles could become damaged and fail early even though the rest of the shingles are fine? This happens frequently.

Have you ever heard of a roof inspection performed by the same contractors who replaced the shingles? If so, then you know how little attention these companies pay to their own work. The result? A real mess!

Fortunately, roofing contractors are now paying attention to their work. They know that shingles can break and become damaged even though the rest of the roof is okay. They are spending more time ensuring all roofing materials are in good shape. Their priority is ensuring that when the roofer returns to their job, they will not find broken or missing shingles.

Are you getting ready for a real estate home inspection? Invest in your future by scheduling a roof inspection to help you learn about your home’s condition. It may cost you more than you think but in the long run, it could save you money. In addition, it could prevent unnecessary repairs.

For example, if your roof is only several years old and has been properly maintained, roof inspections will detect issues with only two to ten shingles. If you have had to replace these more than once, it is too late to do any preventive maintenance. The result: the same problem reappears and becomes a bigger and greater expense.

When scheduling an annual roof inspection, the roofing contractor can give you valuable information about your roof that you simply cannot learn from any other source. By learning what type of material was used to build your home, you can find out whether the roof will eventually cave in. You can also learn if a leak has occurred and if the repair can be done before your insurance expires. An annual roof inspection for real estate homes provides homeowners with a priceless tool.

Many roofers believe that they know everything there is to know about repairing a roof. Unfortunately, many of them don’t. It is important for roofers and contractors to work together as a team. There is a difference between knowledge and expertise; and when you work with someone who is less than qualified, you increase your risk of having problems with your roof later. Working with a qualified, bonded and insured contractor gives you peace of mind and protects your investment.